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Can the Police Search My Home without a Warrant?

Possible Elder Abuse Defenses

Domestic Violence Accusations and Non-Citizens

California Bill Restricting Juvenile Solitary Confinement Set Aside

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In San Diego, a police officer does not need an arrest warrant to arrest you. He can arrest you with or without a warrant.

However, an officer may decide to get a warrant for the arrest […]

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The right time to call a criminal defense lawyer in San Diego is as soon as you have been arrested. Don’t wait until charges are formally filed against you to seek legal help. It is […]

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A police officer can search your home, and he can do this either with or without a warrant. If the police officer does not have a warrant, there are certain conditions that must be satisfied […]

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Elder abuse can include physical, financial, or other types of abuse. When prosecutors are trying to bring charges of elder abuse against you, they are required to prove that you were willfully or recklessly negligent […]

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Non-US citizens who are facing charges of domestic violence need to get in touch with an attorney immediately. If you are not an American citizen, and are facing accusations of domestic violence, or are arrested […]

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Senate Bill 124, a proposal that would have significantly reduced the ability of juvenile corrections facilities officers to use solitary confinement as a means of punishing juvenile offenders, has unfortunately failed.

The news received hardly any […]

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This week in San Diego, a Chula Vista man was charged in a Tijuana-based conspiracy to hack into a national mortgage company’s server and steal the identities of thousands of clients.  He was granted bond […]

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Rape shield laws prohibit or limit the use of evidence of a victim’s past sexual history to undermine a victim’s credibility. These laws are intended to protect victims from invasions of privacy, and to encourage […]

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Some of the nation’s strictest gun laws are written in the California Penal Code § 25400.  California has enacted and largely bans the open carrying of firearms in public.  It allows residents to carry a concealed weapon […]

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Yesterday, Feb 11, 2014, a retired Navy petty officer was placed on probation for three years for brandishing a firearm in the presence of a San Diego peace officer. Esteban Nandin, 25 years old, was shot […]

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