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What to Do When You Are Stopped in Your Car

What Types of Criminal Offenses Can I Be Charged with?

Protect Your Rights during a Police Stop

What Is a Restricted License and How Do I Get One?

When Can You Get Your License Suspended?

Can My Child Be Charged with Child Pornography for Sexting?

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Misdemeanor Convictions Are Serious

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Is a Juvenile Record Permanent?


Too often, persons who are stopped by police officers panic leading to unnecessary consequences. Learn your rights under the law, and also learn of all the protocols that are involved when you are interacting with […]

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Under California law, you can be charged with one of three different types of offenses depending on your crime. Remember, however, that it is important get in touch with a San Jose criminal defense attorney, […]

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Being stopped by San Jose police for questioning can be a frightening experience for people, and that is understandable. However, there are ways that you can protect your rights when you are stopped by police. […]

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Many motorists in California make the mistake of thinking that license suspension is a light DUI penalty. License suspension can involve severe hardship, and make it difficult for you to go to work, or go […]

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Certain offenses in California will lead to suspension of your license as one of the penalties involved. However, many persons make the mistake of assuming that only a DUI conviction will result in a license […]

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Several studies have pointed out that sexting is extremely common among teenagers. Sexting is the process of using electronic devices, especially smart phones, tabs, and other devices to exchange nude, or explicit pictures of other […]

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One of the more devastating consequences of being convicted of a crime in California is the losing of your professional license. If you are in an occupation that is based on professional licensing, that would […]

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Many people assume that a misdemeanor conviction, especially one which involves no jail time, is a lucky break. That may be far from the truth.

Much of the national spotlight on the country’s abused justice system […]

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The consequences of a criminal conviction can be very serious. However, if you have a fragile immigration status, or if you are not a US citizen, the consequences could be even worse. Certain types of […]

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If you were convicted of a criminal offense, that information may be entered into your criminal record. However, that doesn’t mean that the record has to stay on your record for the rest of your […]

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